"What If The Interviewer Cannot Offer My Dream Salary?" We Will Teach You How To Negotiate

Haziqah Muhamad
by Haziqah Muhamad
Aug 17, 2019 pada 11:57 PM

Interview sessions are like business deals where you negoiate until both parties reach a win-win situation. This is a crucial time for you to discuss your salary package. Of course, you don't want to get underpaid or get no benefit at all. Lets say the company doesn't offer you your dream salary; what would you do?

Don't worry, you can still reach a win-win situation and be happy by negotiating these 5 perks. Trust us, these perks are way more important than a high salary.


1. Flexible working hours

This is one of the best non-salary perks. Everyone should agree that this is what most job seekers are looking for in any job offer: flexible timings. You can go to work and leave the office whenever you want as long as you have completed all the tasks given. This perks can cut down on your travel cost, and it offers a more relaxed schedule. The result? You feel much happier.


2. Transportation reimbursements

Do you stay somewhere far from your office? Do you commute using public transport daily? Or do you drive and get stuck in the daily rush hour traffic? Plus, the costs you have to spend on tolls isn't cheap. Truthfully, any mode of transportation that you use isn't cheap and can be very costly. You should try to discuss with your hiring manager about this and ask if the company allocates reimbursements to ease the cost.

3. Financial help for education

Learning is a continuous process and so is acquiring new skills, getting a Master's Degree is everyone's dream. An education is helpful for your career progression so you should ask if the company offers scholarshipa and/or are willing to pay for your tuition fees. Perhaps they would be willing to pay for you to join workshops or training sessions to acquire new skills. Look at it this way, if the company is willing to pay for your education purposes, it's a good investment for both you and the company.


4. Career growth

Does the company offer you much space to grow your career? Will you get stuck in the same position for years? Let's face it, everyone wants to progress in their career and if the company cannot offer you a higher position in the future,  perhaps you should think twice. You will probably end up looking for a new job after a couple of years of working in that company.

5. Additional vacation leaves

Normally, companies offer their employees 14 days of annual leave. Well, you should try to find out what their policy is and ask if they would be willing to increase it a little or double it. If they can't offer you a higher salary then you should go for extra annual vacation leaves instead. At least you can spend your holiday travelling without worrying about work.