Are You Sabotaging Your Own Career? Here's Few Way To Stop It!

by Sera
Aug 14, 2019 pada 3:17 PM

Do you ever feel that with every new job you pursue, the same bad things keep happening?

Things like impossible deadlines, backstabbing colleagues, and terrible bosses.

It’s as if the world’s against you. But, have you ever stopped to think that you might be the one behind these problems?

Let us a look into why these problems keep happening in our career and how we can stop the negative cycle.


Why You May Have Sabotaged Your Own Career

Self-sabotage is when you wanted one thing but ended up doing the opposite. Sometimes you also end up doing nothing at all, which is worse. You probably didn’t mean to sabotage yourself, usually it’s not something you’re in control of.

We have an inner voice that can sometimes influence our decision-making, without us being aware of it.

This inner voice can prevent us from performing at full potential, cause us to be overly critical of ourselves and lead us to make decisions that’ll make us unhappy. In time, we become our own worst enemy.

If you still don’t believe you would sabotage your own career, here are three examples to consider.

How to Stop Yourself From Sabotaging Your Career

1. Understand Your Own Feelings  

Take some time to understand how you really feel. Are you always worried about deadlines, or struggling to get on with colleagues? Write these down so you can refer back to them again later.


2. Consider Your Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

It’s only after you understand your own feelings and the negative behaviours that are contributing to them that you can take positive steps to change.

3. Create a Positive Plan of Action

Put some steps in place that will help you move forward. For example:

  • If you’re scared of failure, ensure your expectations are realistic and list your steps towards your goal one by one.

  • If you have low self-esteem, find ways you can feel more confident about your abilities, such as taking a training course.

  • If you are unhappy, instead of dwelling on the bad times, try focusing on the positives in your career. Also, find ways to relax such taking more time for yourself or going for a jog.


4. Identify a Workplace That Fits You

Consider what kind of workplace would fit your personality and ambitions.

Remember, change won’t happen overnight. Happiness at work is a right that everyone should have. Being aware of your self-sabotaging behaviours is the first step towards positive results.

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This article is based on "Are you causing self-sabotage to your career?" by Robert Half.