Help! I Think I just Ruined My Interview. What Should I Do?

    by Aisya
    Mar 20, 2017

    Oh snap! I forgot to smile during the interview! It's so easy to feel like you just ruined the interview and your mind can't stop thinking about every single thing that you did. The moment when you walked out from the interview room, you regret everything and hope that you can get a second chance. Hey, don't think about it too much and life must go on! If you think you just ruined your interview, read these tips and take a good action.


    Step 1: Don't think about it too much

    Yeah, the interview didn't go as well as you wished. You screwed it up, and your mind started refreshing every single detail about the interview from the firm handshake, your eye contact, the way you sat, everything. It's perfectly normal to think about it after an incident happened but don't take it too seriously. The deeper you think, you demand more for the answer and you'll start to hate yourself. 

    Dwelling on the past is so unacceptable! Accept it, embrace it and hey, your little mistakes can make you memorable. The interviewer surely will remember you as "the candidate who clumsily dropped the file."


    2. Step 2: It's time to move to the second phase!

    Let's move to the second phase! Set your plan action on how to control the damage. Okay, you know your answer was wrong and you decided to elaborate more and drag the answer just to divert the interviewer's attention but did you know that it'll simply draw more attention to your mistake? 

    So think carefully before you take any action. To get the clear view on what kind of action you should take, spend some time to ask yourself these questions:


    (A) What did I do wrong?

    Will the mistake make a significant impact on the interviewer's perception of you? Perhaps you had answered why you're fit for the position by telling about your past experience but you forgot to mention a detail which you think is very important. Will it affect the interviewer's decision to hire you? Think about it.


    (B) Perhaps you can change the result if you add (specific info)

    To set what kind of action should to be taken, you have to know if the action will able to recover your situation or not. If you can change the final result by adding more information to clear things up, then do so! If your explanation is lengthy and time consumig and you have to be dramatic about it, it might be better not to do it. 

    But if your explanation sounds like an apology, just skip it for good. So make sure you evaluate these two questions before taking any concrete action.


    3. Step 3: Let's fix it!

    So the easiest and safest way to approach an interview blunder is by giving a thank you note. Keep it short and don't explain too much about your mistake. Straight to the point and be professional. As a professional candidate, you should try to fix it and never leave it hanging. If you value the position and really want it, then you should try to recover it. Good luck on fixing it!


    4. Step 4: Take it as a lesson

    Let bygones be bygones. You made a mistake but do you know that you can take it as a life lesson to strive for a better interview? Of course, you'll evaluate the mistake and learn from it. So by now, you know what to improve and be better right? 

    List down points you can improve and what you shouldn't do. Perhaps one of the factors why you messed up the interview is lack of preparation time, so improve on that. Messing up an interview really sucks and no one likes it. But if you struggle to change yourself and be a better person, then it's a great lesson for you!.

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    *Source: The Muse


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