Nak Maju Dalam Kerjaya? Jadikan 7 Tokoh Ini Sebagai 'Role Model' Korang

by Izuan
Jun 19, 2017

Rasanya memang dah klise kalau kita dnegar perkataan "follow your passion","work hard" dan "be yourself" kalau nak berjaya, boleh dikatakan hari-hari dengar perkataan tu sampai korang dah naik muak nak dengar. Nak minta tips pun rasa macam dah dapat agak apa yang korang terima nanti.

Apa kata kornag dengar nasihat dan kata-kata motivasi daripada orang-orang berjaya ini. Tips dan langkah yang lebih 'fresh' berbanding dengan apa yang korang dengar selama ini, kami pun turut tertarik bila mambacanya. 

1. Richard Branson

“The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures, rather than putting that energy into another project, always amazes me,” The Virgin Group founder and chairman told The Good Entrepreneur. “I have fun running ALL the Virgin businesses — so a setback is never a bad experience, just a learning curve.”

2. Maya Angelou

"If the world puts you on a road you do not like, if you look ahead and do not want that destination which is being offered and you look behind and you do not want to return to you place of departure, step off the road. Build yourself a new path."

3. Melanie Whelan

"Get a job and work hard. You are going to learn a ton in whatever that job is, so don’t stress too much about what it is or where it is. Just take a job and put your head down, work hard, raise your hand for anything anybody asks you to do. It’s important for young job seekers to live in the present rather than worry so much about where they’re headed. The key is working as hard and learning as much as possible.

When you do this, she said, good things will follow. A lot of people think in terms of ‘should’ — I ‘should’ be a banker, I ‘should’ go to law school, I ‘should’ pursue what I studied in school. This is a mistake"

4.Steve Jobs

" Don’t just follow your passion but something larger than yourself. We’re always talking about following your passion, but we’re all part of the flow of history … you’ve got to put something back into the flow of history that’s going to help your community, help other people … so that 20, 30, 40 years from now … people will say, this person didn’t just have a passion, he cared about making something that other people could benefit from."

5. Arianna Huffington

"Don’t work too hard. We have been operating under a collective delusion that burning out is the necessary price for achieving success. Your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard but also unplugging, recharging, and renewing yourself."

6. George Stephanopoulos

"Relax. Almost nothing you’re worried about today will define your tomorrow, Good Morning america. Down the road, don’t be afraid to take a pay cut to follow your passion. But do stash a few bucks in a 401(k) now"

7. Brian Chesky

"Don’t listen to your parents.They‘re the most important relationships in your life, but you should never take your parents‘ career advice, and I‘m using parents as a proxy for all the pressures in the world.

 I also say that whatever career you‘re in, assume it‘s going to be a massive failure. That way, you‘re not making decisions based on success, money and career. You‘re only making it based on doing what you love."